Wesley Contemporary Nursery School


Wesley Contemporary Nursery School



Dear friends and Welwishers,

My name is MS. Elizabeth Mboge, the Headmistress of Wesley Contemporary Nursery School,

and I am assisted by four (4) teachers and two (2) non- teaching staff, a caretaker and a Watchman.

This nursery school is located at Tobacco Road in an area in Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa with the settlers from the provinces who are either too poor or live for their mere survival. The nursery school Was constructed by the Gambia Women’s Contemporary Society an Interdenominational Group Whose aims was to help in their own Way in educating under privilege kids in the society. The school was established in sixty’s (60s) as day nursery for children of house maids and neglected children who are been sponsored by friends, well Wishers, and contribution from members. Some ofthe founding members of the society are now late, while others still alive are too old to support the school.. Therefore the School has been handed over to Wesley Circuit, (Methodist Mission) Who are now the owner of the school..

Early childhood (Nursery) education is most important as it creates easy transition to primary education. These children are very good academically and always ready to learn. Currently a total of 150 children aged 2 to 6 years old are attending the nursery school Where they are taught in four classes. Our lessons are taught in English Language. Mostly We teach the Children through Music and Drama as a skill to understand easily. There is one building consisting of five classrooms, an office, three toilets, and one store room. The building is structurally sound.

At this juncture, the school is seeking for your generous support in which area you can in the following needs:

  • To sponsor the neglected, needy and under privileged children who Wants to attend school,but their parents can not afford to pay the schooling
  • Provision of learning materials.
  • To sponsor the school as a Whole, to improve the general standard of the school. As A saying goes that kindness shown to the poor is an act of Worship Proverbs 14.31

We will appreciate any kind of assistance you Wish to render to the school, the pupils of Wesley Contemporary Nursery school and to other children who wish to attend early childhood education but Whose parents can not afford to pay school fees and learning materials. We promise that Whatever assistance rendered will be put into good use and all repots ,statement and results be sponsoring will be send to you periodically.

Thanks for your cooperation

Yours faithfully

Ms Elizabeth Mboge


Tel: 220 2249898 / 7794005 / 3994005