GLOBAL NEW GENERATION AFRICA GAMBIA (G.N.G.A.G) is a non-governmental organization, non-profitable making, non-partisan.Its an international organization, its head quarter in Germany Berlin and its regional office in Kenya. Global new generation Gambia has registered with the Attorney general Chambers through the ministry of justice in The Gambia on 29-11-2010.

Obtain certificate of incorporation which gives a mandate of operation of this organization (G.N.G.A.G) In the Gambia. This organization (G.N.G.A.G) is established to help promote excellent in education through arts and culture .The aim and targets of the organizations is to help promote youths, school children’s and schools in ascertaining their needed targets to accelerate easy education in their local and regional locations in The Gambia, regardless of sex, culture or religion.

It is a question of getting them schools, school materials and a place where they can obtain training and the possibility of exercising a profession in various key areas.


The main purpose and mission of the organization shall be to champion education and information through arts and culture as fundamental forms of social integration in Gambia and between Gambian youths,children and their counterparts in other countries.

The specific objectives for which it is established shall be to organize intercultural events and travel exchange between Gambia and other countries for families and person with various multicultural background.

To attract,bring together and develop organization and individuals who spearhead the inclusion of arts and culture in public education program targeting the youths children at the grass root level.