The sixth annual graduation ceremony of Wesley contemporary school

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The sixth annual graduation ceremony of Wesley contemporary school was on 24/05/2012 on its ground. The occasion was attended by parents, teaches, global new generation members, well wishes and the ambassador of the United States Mrs. White.

The occasion was open by Mr. Sammy Davies and introduction remarks by Mr. Arthur Jackson, twenty six students graduated on that day with excellent performance. There were lots of talent show case by the students and the medium class level, and a short drama made by the pupils in traditional attire, about the society and its problems when it comes to social life and it was very entertaining and educative and a round of a pulse was applauded.

The school anthem THE WISE MAY BRING THEIR LEARNING, was backed by a tradition rhythm music a guitar, piano, and drums and it was so amazing and entertaining. From there the head mistress Mrs. Elizabeth mboge gave her remarks and constrains of the school, which is a dampness at the back of their classes due to a way for the water to get access when it rains, she had literates her delight regarding the support she have from teachers, parents and thank the community in their support and the turn out of the occasion..Thank giving to all who support especially Global New generation who are within the community and the school is our first priority since we start operating in the Gambia.

Global New Generation Gambia had two presentations and gift one for the school and the other for best outstanding students , and sulayman Jones made the presentation and short words for global new generation and its existence in the Gambia. Our aims and objectives which is to help the community in different sectors towards development in education, through Arts and culture…And a round of a pulse was applauded and it was a good moment for Global New Generation in Gambia and our recognition in the community.

Mrs. Lucy Safro the well known noble winner of child support in the Gambia both the able and the disable pupils in the education sector of the Gambia took a short form of a song with the pupils, parents, and all present in the ceremony follow suit in this song.

The ceremony was coming to an end and certificates were awarded and followed by the school anthem.